This is the website of Felix Kent and is mostly links to things I’ve written. If you want to see gifs of vultures, go here: vulturesandhawks.tumblr.com. If you want to find me on twitter, go here: twitter.com/fkent750. If you want to email me, I finally got a gmail address: fkent750(at)gmail(dot)com to replace the hotmail address I’ve had since 2005.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet has the most recent thing I wrote; you will have to pay to read it or get a hard copy or get it from the library; it’s a short story about Habsburgs in hotel pools and I wrote it because my husband told me about seeing people that looked like Habsburgs in a hotel pool so you could say it’s based on a true story but it’s not.

The Toast archives appear to be offline again which is sad, but if you have a burning desire to read something I wrote for it you can email me!

For Spork Press I wrote Thirteen Moon Cakes (Spork Press) and My Boss  (Sporklet)

I’ve written a few things for my friend’s excellent blog The Kramer Is Now including The Special Warmth of Social Approval and A Dry Rob Roy

This is everything I wrote for Popula; when I was updating this page I re-read what I wrote about Bohemian Grove plays and I think it’s good and you should read it.

Here are some other things I’ve written:

After the Earthquake (Human Parts)

What Does Your Name Say About You? (Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency)

What We Talked About in the Women’s Locker Room, May 2013 (Wigleaf)

Nothing Sexier Than a Girl Smoking (Hobart)

Do The Little Things (The Billfold)

Walking Around Guernsey With My Mother (Catapult)

Days Among The Dreadnoks (The Hairpin)